A Trail Run to Remember – The Valley 57km Trail Challenge

What made me decide to run Ultramarathon? It started when i was given a chance to pace/support Coach Mar on his quest for BDM 160. Since then, i keep on telling myself that i have to do Ultra Running.

One day, Francis shared me a link about The Valley Trail Challenge, he convince me to give it a try, at first, I was hesitant about it because its a trail and its a 50km trail and my focus was for PAU 60 which is a road race. To make a story short, I said YES, granted that we will be doing some trainings and he was okay about it. I come to register ( actually Thea registered for me ) and training takes place. We did our first LSD at Carmona-Dasma-Tagaytay.

At km 50 ( carmona-dasma-tagaytay ) LSD with Francis and Max.

After that LSD we did it again after 2 weeks which we dubbed it as BULALO CHIKA RUN from Zapote-Tagaytay.

Zapote-Tagaytay at km 40 with Janielle

at km 35 Cubao-Tanay LSD (Easter Sunday)

That was our last LSD. We, then focused on our weekly races and some ANR training.

ANR Session with Ms. Sharon ( umeepal lang pala ako dito )

Goldilock Run May 15 2011 with Idol Jayson!

Greentennial Run May 22, 2011 with Idol Pepper and MP. (photo courtesy from Dhes )

5th sunday run with Ultramarathoners Daphy and Jayson! ( photo courtesy of Soi )

PAF Run with team Moa ( photo courtesy from CJ )

AKTV Run with Thea

Mizuno infinity Run with Idol Jayson ( photo courtesy from Mother Relly )

Those are my race before this great challenge. Come June 17 a day before the race, it was a hard day for me, my shin ached, sobrang kabado for the race the following day. My friend even pay me a visit just to make me calm, yes, i was! for a meantime! until Jayson arrived at my place, dine dine dine while waiting Thea and Rey.

We arrived in Nuvali at around 4am, I’ve seen alot of familiar faces participating the event. Chit chats with team MOA peeps para lang mabawasan ang kaba. Seen others do some stretching while others just preparing for their things for the challenge.

Team MOA before the race proper. ( thanks JCee for the pic )

At exactly 5am we gather at the front of Nuvali clubhouse to formally start the challenge. I was so nervous at that very moment, I was asking myself what the heck i am doing here? but then again, I need not entertain negativity, so LET’S GO!

The trail was tough but i was amazed by the scenery it brings back old memories way back in the province. Back to the quest, it was hard race for me but it really challenge me alot.

the last trail of the first loop ( photo taken by JOJO )

Arrived at the finish line for my first loop with Sir Jonel ( photo taken by Ruby )

It was 9:26am when i arrived at the finish line for my first loop (28.5km ). I saw Daphne and we waited for 10 minutes to go on for the next loop. It was extremely heat! I do walking in most of the route. It was a powerful walk! I was dehydrated then, I was worried because it was my first time, don’t know what to do and my upper back was aching too. To add more challenges in taking that trail is i suffered skin chafed in both legs. I felt boring along the route, especially when there were times na ako lang ang naglalakad. I was thinking to rest for a minute pero ayoko tamarin. I knew myself, so i continue running and walking. The second loop was very far for me and it was very hard, very very hard! to the point that i was thinking to DNF’ed. But then again, i always keep in  mind that i should cross it even beyond cut off time. My goal was to finished and text my friends that i have crossed. 12 noon, it was a good weather, it was such a breezy and cloudy day. It seemed that the weather is going to cooperate with us. So, i have to grab the chance to run run run! I need to get in track. Yes, i did! I was in track again. I was counting hydration stations as my basis where i am, and how many kilometers left. I keep on moving and moving until i reached the last hydration station. I know i am going to cross it on time. It was a celebration for me. I was then the most happiest runner at that time, i knew i was.

few meters to the finish line, i was greeted by Jojo so i need to walk.

Few more steps to the finish line

at the finish line ( thanks jayson for the photo )

Finally i have completed the challenge, the challenge that made me walk, run and sweat for 9 hours and 40 minutes, the challenge that taught me to be tough, to be patient, to be positive at all times. It made me realized that this is just a single sacrifice compared to what Jesus made to us. Thank you Lord for the strength!

do i look tired? yes i was... ( photo taken by jayson after i crossed the finish line.)

I was asked if i am going to do it again, YES YES YES! more Ultra marathon to come.

Thank you for reading!

Heromi 🙂

( for my LSD and This event Gear )

Nike drifit long sleeves, Fila Short, New Balance Shoes, Dunlop Socks, Nathan Hydration bag and this Royal Hat (LoL).

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10 Responses to A Trail Run to Remember – The Valley 57km Trail Challenge

  1. Leah Carlson ay nagsasabing:

    Wowwwwwww!!! What you’ve done was awesome! I’m very proud of you. :))) Keep it UP!

  2. jayrunning ay nagsasabing:

    im proud of you bosing! you have come really a long way… from the days of 5K training at roxas boulivard, manila. now a certified ULTRAMAN! =) should i say ULTRAMARATHONER… God bless you brother.

  3. Dhes Buena ay nagsasabing:

    Lupit mo….Jerome.,Runner up team sobrang proud sayo!!!
    Good luck and more power.

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