My RUNniversary – One year of RUNNING, GIVING and GOOD HEALTH

Somebody asked me, why do I run!  what will I get in running? I’d come to realize that my answer has changed. I ran to lose weight. Then, running become a sport for me, running made me a better person.  As time goes by,  I’d come to realize that running is a passion, it is a form of socializing, a healthy one. I was once a party goer before, a heavy drinker. When I come to know running, everything has changed, literally. It has a dual purpose, self fulfillment and  goodwill. I enjoyed everything all about it, whether it is for wellness and or for competition. I am glad that I am able to share through our registration fees, I knew some parts of it goes to various organizations. Running is a solo sports, that you can do it by your own, in any given time and anywhere you’d like to run, even in shoes or simply barefooted. Through running, I come to know a lot of friends, I got self confidence and most especially I gain respect. This is what I wanted to be, running makes me a whole person.

my first fun run (5km) as you can see mejo heavy-gat pa ako dito 🙂

In a year of running, I have done 1 (3kms barefooted ), 6 (5kms), 3 (10kms), 9 (21kms), 1 (42kms) and 1 (57kms). A personal records of 22mins 36 seconds for my 5km, 50 mins for my 10km and 1 hour and 57 mins for my 21km. I officially ran 351 kms for my races and spending Php 8,900.00 for my registration fees.

Beating my PR’s is hard as running your first fun run, you need to train harder to be able to get a good shot. You need to have a good sleep, eat and drinks a lot to get hydrated. You have to put yourself in every running event if you wanted to beat your own PR’s. I started as slow runner, as well as the others. When I embraced running in my system, I undergo speed training and then endurance. I tried to look for a group that teaches everything about the sport, I am glad I found Adination of Runners. They taught us to be a better runner, from running techniques, forms and body movements, life threatening drills and work outs (LOL). Everything you wanted to know is all here, and I am so thankful to have adination.

My first full marathon took place at the skyway, it started as a (trip) when I told my buddy to register for FM. The plan was just to finished the race, no time limits. I am glad I was able to finished it in 5 hours and 11 minutes. I know I was not prepared for it, having no training prior to this event. Lesson learned, TRAIN! if you wanted to have a good time, preparation is a must.

sprinting to the finished!

I had competed my first out of town race in Baguio City. I was thrilled by the HILLS, it was also my first time to race in such type of weather. It was a vacation with a twist. Thanks GOD for the good break. And I wanted to try it again and again. CAMSUR, CORREGIDOR, SUBIC, CEBU and DAVAO is in my lists.  🙂

with ANR friends

Come June of this year, my first Ultra Marathon Dream took place, The Valley Trail Challenge, a 57kms trail run happened in a beautiful place Nuvali. Oh My, it was the hardest race I’d ever had, but it is the sweetest finished I embrace ever. Running and walking along the trail for 9 hours and 40 mins gets me insane. I fought every hindrances along the trail, whether it is physical or mental challenges that took place. I was dehydrated, I was bored! but I WON! I dedicated my finishers medal to my father who happened to celebrate fathers day a day after this event. So amazing!

sweet victory!

July 3 happened to be my first RUNniversary, I ran 10km for YAMAHA Run for Heroes. I make sure that this event went well and so much to remember.     Ofcourse, I did something to get remembered, it was a complimentary race kit, I enjoyed the race track chatting with fellow runners. On my way to the finish line, I was barefooted and sprinted all the way to the finished while my shoes held up high. I was the most happiest runner at that time. Believed it or not, I still had a good time, 1 hour and 35 seconds is not bad. 🙂

yamaha run my runniversary run

I am now preparing myself for my next Ultra marathon race, this time it will be a 65km road race from Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija to Dingalan in Aurora Province. This will be the hurray for my 2nd year in running. Such a good start. Heromi Goes Ultra! May God be with me at all times. Goodluck nalang sa akin. 🙂

stay fit 🙂

If you want to have a combination of passion and wellness, try RUNNING! its easy as 1, 2,3! RUN!

Happy Running!

Heromi, your running buddy! 🙂

Thank you to those free complimentary kits given, to my friends who shouldered some of my registration fees and some of my running gear. Arigato!

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a running enthusiast, certified marathoner/ultramaratthoner, a friend,a brother!
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8 Responses to My RUNniversary – One year of RUNNING, GIVING and GOOD HEALTH

  1. runadoboking ay nagsasabing:

    Happy Runniversary Heromi! 😀

    See you in the road soon! 😀

  2. thei ay nagsasabing:

    galing naman …. ikaw na ang MAMAW … within one year nakapag ULTRAMARATHON ka na …

    CONGRATS !!!

    happy ANNIVERSARY !!!

  3. Leah Carlson ay nagsasabing:

    Keep going Jerome..Don’t stop! 🙂

  4. jayrunning ay nagsasabing:

    CONGRATS! more running (mileage), injury free running anniversary to come. you really have come a long way, literally, =D. God bless bro.

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